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Department: Teamwork Mobile Team | Teamwork HQ, Cork, Ireland or Remote

About us

At Teamwork, we pride ourselves on creating the best software, working with outstanding people, and going above and beyond for our customers. That excellence has been rewarded with hundreds of thousands of amazing customers all across the globe and millions of users who sign in every day to trust us with getting their businesses organized and running productively. We’re a profitable, entirely self-funded business with no investors or outside influences beyond one: our customers and what's best for them. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. We’re a company of action, full of triers and doers: we try things, we make mistakes, and we learn from them.

Growing this company from Cork with an extremely talented team of people is an amazing journey to be a part of. We’re a place to work unlike any other, and our incredible campus is a testament to our unique, creative way of doing things: see for yourself.

Here at Teamwork we've gone as far as we can with Cross-Platform Technologies for our mobile apps.  But it's just not good enough. We want to take advantage of the very best that each platform offers. It's not enough to be able to just get stuff done with our apps: we want them to be so good that people become addicted to using them.

So we're going fully native and we're putting together the best mobile team in the country to do it.

We have fully flexible working conditions - work where you like, and organise your day the way you prefer! We believe in remote work, and if you are the developer we are looking for, we won't mind if you don't live in Ireland!

Must have

  • Strong passion in all things Android. You will be one of the driving forces for our Android apps, so we want you to love what you do.
  • Strong attention to detail. Passionate and obsessive about excellent code quality, software best practices, unit testing and design patterns. We need you to be unrelenting in the usage and promotion of the above.
  • Proficiency and proven practical experience in both Kotlin and Java programming languages and how they work under the hood.
  • Ability to understand user requirements from the UI and UX point of view, and willingness to give an active contribution to their definition
  • Passionate about software architecture and its concrete applications in a large codebase
  • Be a great team player and an effective communicator: you are able to share your knowledge with others, expose problems and motivate reasons behind solutions in a clear and detailed fashion. You can help less experience team-mates grow and thrive in their job.
  • Willing to learn and continually improve yourself. You must have an open mind, be able to pick things up quickly, and enjoy working with passionate people.

This is a senior developer role: we want to see substantial experience working on relevant Android products, and that you've made some beautiful apps that you are proud of.


What we we're not looking for:

Ninjas. (Although if you want to do some martial arts in your free time that's fine too.)

Nice to have

We'd also expect you to be familiar with the list below, but your portfolio is also important. Show us with the stuff you've done.  Definite bonus points for putting together something using our API - doesn't matter how small. 

Best practices, architecture, and algorithms:

  • MVP and Clean Architecture - Check out our approach
  • Unit/instrumentation tests and TDD
  • Caching and concurrent programming (Including Kotlin coroutines)
  • Data structures and time complexity
  • Kotlin collections framework and streams

Android Frameworks/Technologies:

  • AndroidX and JetPack frameworks
  • Material Design and theming
  • JobScheduler and Services

Popular 3rd party Frameworks/Libraries:

  • Functional/Java 8: RxAndroid/RxJava
  • Networking: Retrofit/OkHttp
  • Image downloading: Fresco/Picasso/Glide
  • Database: Android Room/SQLite
  • Dependency injection: Dagger, Butterknife
  • Testing: JUnit, Mockito, MockK, Robolectric

    What you can expect

    Working at Teamwork isn't like a normal job. We believe in hiring only the best and then looking after them like they deserve. On top of a great financial package, we do everything possible to make Teamwork a great place to work.

    We believe in paying a competitive salary: earn what you're worth, with regular reviews. We’re committed to your long-term future at the company, and we’re passionate about helping you to improve and enhance your skills.

    You have unparalleled freedom in how you do your job. Spot something that needs improving? Off you go, make it happen. You’ll be given only the very best equipment so that, whatever your role, you'll have the very best kit to help you do your best work.

    We're invested in your health and happiness. We offer full health insurance and income protection to all our employees, so you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be taken care of, no matter what happens.

    We offer an unmatched work environment, that’s built to make life easy and is constantly improved. We also have an incredible campus unlike anything you’ve seen before (unless you’ve already checked out our YouTube channel). Discounted travel schemes and a Bike to Work scheme make it even easier to get to us, and catered lunches and plenty of in-house snacks and refreshments mean that you’ll always stay refreshed and refuelled.

    We take work-life balance very seriously: we’ll set you up with a subsidized gym membership at the gym of your choice, as well as weekly gym classes at the gym downstairs. We also have an in-house games room, for when you want to take a quick break or challenge a co-worker, and regular company-sponsored lunches, movie nights, and nights out.

    Sounds epic? Join the journey at Teamwork.

    Teamwork is an equal opportunities employer.

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