We want you to have the best Internship possible.

Here at Teamwork.com no two internships are alike. All our interns are assigned a buddy and mentor from day one to make sure you get as much as possible out of your Teamwork Internship experience. You play a direct role in designing your internship. We try our best to accommodate different skill sets and interest areas. Working on 'real work' on one of our teams you'll have the chance to do work that counts, be it front-end or back-end development, sales & marketing or on our mobile team.

Currently we partner with UCC, CIT and NUIG for formal work placements. If you or your college are interested in getting involved get in touch. The majority of placements for the forthcoming academic year are allocated between September-October but sometimes we have capacity outside of this time frame. If you are genuinely interested in building your career in a company like Teamwork.com and have developed your skills whenever possible get in touch with us and let's see what you can do.

Peter and Dan

Company History

Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey founded their company Digital Crew in 2007, focusing on building websites, intranets and custom web-based solutions for clients in Cork, Ireland.

Coppinger wanted a software system that would help manage the company, something extremely easy-to-use and generic enough that it could be used by all sorts of companies, so they began designing. They named the result Teamwork Project Manager, nicknamed TeamworkPM, and launched the product in October 2007. Their flagship product was renamed in March 2015 to Teamwork Projects with the launch of Teamwork Desk.

Teamwork.com was named by Gartner to be one of their Cool Vendors 2015 in the Program and Portfolio Management Category.

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Meet Our Team

Teamwork.com is a company founded by developers, built to give our outstanding crew of programmers the best possible environment to write great code and build the world class products that our customers love.

Meet The Team

Perks & Benefits

We give you everything you need to unleash your full potential here at Teamwork.com.

Opportunity to Learn

The pool of people at Teamwork.com have an amazing skill set. You'll receive top notch mentoring from our developers. We encourage everyone to share their wisdom so that others can develop and grow their own knowledge base. We encourage our people to read and leverage best practice techniques.

The best of the best Equipment

We'll provide you with a laptop or Macbook to help you work to your full potential. Best of all, you will receive lots of Teamwork.com swag.

The Fun Stuff

We work hard, but it's important to have a happy balance. The Teamwork.com games room is home to the Xbox and foosball table. The pool table plays host to many a competitive tournament where dreams of playing in the professional leagues are created and shattered all in the same match. Nerf guns are scattered around the office, should you feel the need to alert someone of your presence. Coming soon: State of the art offices.

Never Go Hungry

The staff kitchen comes fully stocked with delicious treats, snacks, and drinks. We take care of weekly lunches, on or off-site, and pizza Friday, all of which help to keep those energy levels up. These also help to bring the team together to shoot the breeze for a little while. Some call us feeders.. and we're inclined not to disagree!

Keep every task involving your team in one place. Collaborate and work with your team in real time for real results. Use Teamwork Projects,it is the most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team!

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The essence of a good team is how well they communicate to reach a goal. Teamwork Chat allows users to be in constant contact so that each team member is in the know. Instant chat is the way forward.

Built With:

Running your company's help desk shouldn't be a hassle. We've built Teamwork Desk to make it easy for your team to handle any customer support queries that come their way.

Built With:

  • Projects
  • Chat
  • Desk

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